Agriturismo Il Gelso

Our Activities

A list of the services that the Agriturismo Il Gelso offers to you:

  • Guided tours tasting.
  • Educational farms, summer camp.
  • Course of traditional parmesan recipes with herbs, recognition and use of wild plants.
  • Training course of organic cultivation , fruit growing, gardening, residential, various ...

The Paths:

L’ arboreto dei frutti antichi, il vigneto e i frutti minori

From April to October

The "minor fruits", the vineyard.

  • the apples of the past and all the other fruits.
  • Organoleptic characteristics.
  • Cultivation, planting, pruning and biological treatments.
  • Pollination, fruiting, harvesting.
  • Grapes: pruning, cultivation, harvest, must, "sauce", wine.

Laboratorio del gusto: Flavors and aromas of the many varieties present in the farmhouse.

Laboratorio di trasformazione: Ancient recipes of "mixed" jams, sweet and sour preparation, syrups and drinks, cakes!

Laboratorio del fare: Fruit-bearing treatments (tying of branches, strawberry transplants, fruit picking).

Il Bosco, ovvero, l'Arboreto della Fola

Available all year long

The hill forest.

  • Recognition of trees and shrubs.
  • Forest care.
  • The forest animals (roe deer, foxes, badgers, squirrels, birds ...) Burrows, tracks, habits.
  • Walks and legends for young and old "inside the woods" or in front of the fire, according to the season.

Laboratorio delle emozioni: "Immersion" in the woods, embracing the tree, the two music of the forest, ancient fole.

Laboratorio del fare: According to the seasons, construction of huts, blocks, paths in the woods, role-playing games.

Laboratorio del sapere: Know and re-know the forms of life in the woods, photos, drawings, research (extensive bibliography available).

L' orto biologico e le erbe aromatiche

From March to October

Aromatic herbs, wild herbs

  • Many varieties of vegetables, even unusual ones. (yellow and purple green beans, thistles, borage)
  • Organic cultivation, sowing, transplanting and care, associations, composting, rotations.
  • Recognition and properties of aromatic herbs and wild herbs.

Laboratorio del fare: Sowing, transplanting, harvesting, composting.

Laboratorio di trasformazione: Raw salads with wild herbs, endless recipes with our vegetables, good for every season, flavored bread, colored pasta.

Laboratorio del sapere: Aromatic herbs: recognition, collection, conservation, use.

Corsi di cucina

Available all year long

Testo mancante...

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Laboratorio del fare: Testo mancante…

Laboratorio di trasformazione: Testo mancante…

Laboratorio del sapere: Testo mancante…


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